About us

Invenio Servicii Energie Regenerabila was established with the specific purpose of integrating the multitude of services currently available on the Eastern European renewable energy market into a coherent and accessible package that best serves the complex needs of our clients, even under challenging and ever-changing market conditions.

We believe that success in the renewable energy business begins with selecting the right sites to develop projects and is guaranteed by making the correct choices throughout the development process. We provide the honest and accurate information required for these vital development decisions.

  • Our direct experience in developing renewable energy projects has shown that a careful selection of contractors, along with a thorough understanding of stakeholders allow for improved execution schedules and optimized costs, essential in securing the long-term feasibility of our clients’ projects on a market as dynamic as the renewable energy one.
  • Our expertise derives from over 5 years of continuous and exclusive focus on renewable energy development, and is based on a solid economic and technical approach.
  • We focus on maximizing our clients’ benefits both on the short run and long-term. Our 15+ years of experience in developing and managing projects for clients in domains as diverse as real estate, retail, manufacturing and human resources led to a focused approach on the specific needs of our clients as the core of all our services, with the clear mission of providing the highest possible quality of service and an individual approach to every situation we are confronted with. As a result, our projects have successfully undergone audits and due diligence processes, securing financing for our clients.
  • We develop in partnership with our clients. As such, our service portfolio has expanded organically, in accordance with the needs of our clients, covering at present the initiation, development and preconstruction phases.

At Invenio SER, our satisfaction comes from seeing our projects to completion. We genuinely believe that being present the day our clients’ projects become operational is one of the most satisfying moments of one’s career. 

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